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Here to help

We know that many people don't realise the impact our everyday household products
have on the environment.


We also know that many people don't have time to source, research and replenish eco-friendly alternatives. So we are here to bring back the old school doorstep service to tackle the growing plastic problem in a way that’s convenient for our modern busy lifestyles.

Right now we are sourcing the finest bathroom and kitchen products from high quality, ethical and local brands who, like us, care about your needs and the planets needs too.

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Making a pledge


Not only do we want to inspire you to make changes in your home, we want you to feel part of something that is making a difference within your community and beyond.

That’s why our friendly Refillers will be looking after their own neighbourhoods door-to-door. Spreading the message about the positive impact of swapping out plastic from your life and offering the convenience to make your very own pledge to reduce plastic from the comfort of your home.



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How it all began

When I first made a pledge to swap every item that I ran out of in my home to a plastic-free or eco-alternative, I found it really quite challenging. It seemed that retailers really weren’t motived to help customers make environmentally positive choices. I was surprised at just how time-consuming trying to shop consciously was. As a result I kept reaching for convenient options that fit better with my hectic lifestyle. All of which involved more and more single-use plastics!

It was then that I decided to take action and The Refillers Company was born. I am excited to see the business coming to life and I hope you are too. The journey to reduce my own plastic consumption is ongoing and I hope you’ll join me to do the same. Think twice and say “No” to more plastic. We are on our way to refill your household products very soon.

Amber x 


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