2020 has certainly highlighted many things for us individually and for humanity. One of those things is how important it is to truly care. In many senses of the word. Caring about our health, wellbeing, our mental health, the environment and of course caring about each other. Care is at the core of what we do at Communitree. We care that people less fortunate deserve a special Christmas, we care about the environment and creating a Christmas filled with togetherness and joy, that isn't wasteful or excessive, where we can remember the simple things we are grateful for and give back where possible. Isn't this the true spirit of Christmas?

Thats why this year we have joined forces with two new heart led, conscious businesses, who not only care about the planet and how we treat it but care about the wellbeing of people in the community and making living sustainably more accessible. Together we've formed The Christmas Care Project, bringing more to the families in need we are supporting this year.

Amber founded The Refillers company to bring an end to plastic waste in our households. She was shocked when learning about what excess plastic waste is doing to our planet but also realising how hard it can be to make the switch to more sustainable, eco friendly alternatives. It then became her mission to make buying eco products super convenient for people to pledge and swap plastic for a doorstep refill instead. She brings the concept of the jolly neighbourly milk man to fill up your household and bathroom products right at your door! Amazing!

"Community is at the heart of The Refillers Company so making eco products accessible to households that are vulnerable is built into our community plastic reducing mission." 

So this Christmas for every refill sold, The Refillers Company will contribute eco friendly refills into household care parcels for the families we are supporting this Christmas. Make sure to check out the Refillers website to see how you can make the sustainable switch. Plus we are doing a call out to you to keep hold of all your empty plastic bottles and sprays so we can donate them and have them refilled! Find out more in the donations page here.

Nourish Bud was born after Rebecca and Luke quit their day jobs and set off travelling the world, where they fell in love with the beauty of this planet and all the incredible and clean plant based foods, spices and flavours they savoured. They felt their own health and wellbeing improve and when they returned they wanted to create a convenient and sustainable way to reach busy people on the go, with plant based preprepared healthy meal packages delivered to their doorsteps weekly.

"We wanted to make delicious, plant based, healthy and clean food accessible to everyone!"

Thats why this year Nourish bud are part of the Christmas Care Project, sharing their delicious and healthy food with people in the community who often don't have access to healthy prepared food. For every Meal Package they sell over the next 4 weeks they are donating meals to the families in need we are supporting. Check our their website here.

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