The Reality of  Recycling Project 

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1,328 individual pieces of recycling between 10 local bins in Newcastle were counted in our survey to uncover the reality of recycling. Every 2-person household involved was responsible for 133 pieces of packaging for every bi-weekly recycling collection, of which more than 30% was plastic waste! With over 7 subcategories of plastic and only 2 commonly recycled, it became quickly evident that plastic is the biggest problem. 


The kerbside recycling collections of different local councils vary wildly. Add to this misleading recyclability claims and logos on the packaging and you have a recipe for the confusion we all face. In an attempt to uncover some facts about what is actually recycled, we rolled up our sleeves and got stuck into the trash! Ten local households in Newcastle donated the contents of their recycling bins to find out if they were getting it right. 

Click here for the full article and findings.

Community Care Project

Christmas 2020 certainly highlighted many things for us all on an individual level and for humanity. Many families struggled with the realities of the pandemic be that via separation, loss, and financial hardship. It highlighted the need for kindness, love, and support. So we created ‘The Christmas Care Project’ to bring the magic spirit of Christmas to families in real need.

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